JingShen Symposium

Integrative Adolescent Care in the 21st Century

Spring, 2022

in person and online

Hudson Valley, NY


Through a series of keynote addresses and emerging expert panels, this symposium will include some of the foremost names in the field and also elevate new voices in the discussions about integrative and holistic adolescent care.

If you have expertise in your field and would like to be a distinguished "Emerging Expert" on a discussion panel, we encourage you to apply. Licensed professionals from the spectrum of healthcare are welcome to apply: doctors, nurses, midwives, physical therapists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, social workers, and any other medical profession!

The topics for the 2021 Symposium discussion panels will be chosen from the following topics in Integrative Adolescent Care:

  • Body-Mind-Spirit in Youth Athletics

  • Somatic Experience - "How do you experience your body?"

  • What happens in adoption and foster care systems?

  • Menarche & Menstruation

  • Illness of Schools

  • Caring for Neurodiverse Populations of Adolescents

  • Caring for Sexually Diverse Populations of Adolescents

  • Building a Pediatric Practice

  • Classics of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics

  • Who Am I? Race and Identity as a Teenager
    .....and more!

Keynote speakers and event details will be announced over the coming months. 

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